Monday, July 22, 2013

New Member!

Hey everybody! We have added a new team member! Gabe: The "Co-Secretary". Also if you want to make order call or text us at us at 419-276-1414 or 509-266-8614

Monday, July 15, 2013

What is Splake Duct Tape?

So you hear about this blog named "Splake Duct Tape" and you're all like: "What the heck is a name like Splake Duct Tape?????????????? Well I'm here to tell you! 

My name is Caroline. My fellow "business workers" and I have a small business of making duct tape creations! The names of my business workers are: Thompson the "Boss", Jonathan the "Apprentice Duct Taper/Delivery Boy", Carson the "Second Boss/Sign holder, and me the "Secretary." 

We make all sorts of things! We make:

~Duct Tape Magic Wallets ($5)
~Duct Tape Roses ($1)
~Duct Tape Pen Roses ($2)
~Duct Tape Hand-Bags ($5)

Coming Soon.......
~Duct Tape Glasses ($10)
~Duct Tape Coin Pouch ($3)
~Duct Tape Wallets ($5)
~Duct Tape Rings ($1)

If you would like to order something please send your order and your address to this email address: and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

*We only ask for your address so we can mail it to you if you live outside the city of Bowling Green, Ohio. If you DO live in BG we will give you an address and time of a place to pick your order up!
*Coming soon we will be having a Splake Duct Tape sale outside in one of our many  business workers' driveways! I will post the date and time and Address of the Sale when we know when we are having it.